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The History of LIANG YUAN (良缘)

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Back in the 70’s; our founder, Madam Wong works as a seamstress at the only wedding boutique in Kuala Lumpur. She still remember that in this all-rounder shop; they have everything you need for a wedding - from wedding gown up to decoration. And, in this wedding shop, there’s only 1 - 2 pieces of Qun Gua (a.k.a Kua/Kwa) (裙褂) in their collection. During that time, having a chance to wear a set of Qun Gua was a "momentous". Back then, to rent a set of Qun Gua would fare up to 1 - 2 month’s of a ordinary worker’s salary which was consider quite lavishing.

For her own wedding, she didn’t get the chance to wear one as she can’t afford it. However, it doesn’t extinguish her passion on this heritage artwork. When she’s young, she loves to see bride wearing Qun Gua. She feels that Qun Gua not only embodies traditional culture; but also, art and aesthetic. She still remember that the first piece of Qun Gua she bought was an antique piece of Zhong Wu Fu (中五福) from Hong Kong in year 2006. Since then, she bought Qun Gua as her personal collection and she learned along the way - starting from its history, research and studying the meaning of each motifs, the composition, types and quality of embroidery.

Finally; in year 2011, she started her own business at home with only twenty (20) sets of Qun Gua in hand. She aspire that through her efforts, she would introduce, protect and preserve this beautiful Intangible Cultural Heritage in Malaysia. Later months, she decided to move in to a small scale store at Sunway Giza Mall and named it as LIANG YUAN (良缘). LIANG YUAN is direct pinyin translation from the Chinese word 良缘 which meant opportune connection with marriage partner. It’s her blessing to all of wedding couples.

Madam Wong discussing the interior renovation of Sunway Giza store with contractor.
Installation of LIANG YUAN (良缘) signboard at Sunway Giza store.

In the first few years in business, it’s quite a challenge. At that time, this tradition were not well accepted in our local market. In those days, we rarely saw couples choose to wear traditional Gua on their big day. A lot of young couples either feels that it’s old-fashioned, misperception on this heritage or even some of them have never heard of it before. With all of this being said, this doesn’t demotivate her but in fact, she continue to works round the clock to curate high quality products and services in building her collection. She will personally meet the craftsman to select and study the details of each and every costumes as she appreciates artistry and handmade. She also believe in continuation where she spent time to share knowledge and educate each and every client about this art heritage - from its history till selection process.

Madam Wong explaining traditional Chinese wedding customs with a group of Chinese heritage researcher.
LIANG YUAN (良缘) official opening double storey store located at Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur in year 2017.

LIANG YUAN slowly grow and expand its collection to more than hundreds of costumes in store. And, not only that, to keep everything under one roof - LIANG YUAN continue to expand its retail of customary products - betrothal, dowry, hair combing, decor and etc. and wedding props. In year 2017, LIANG YUAN re-brand and moved to a double storey store located at Jalan Kuching, Kuala Lumpur. LIANG YUAN has successfully grows to be one of the most Authenthic Chinese Wedding Specialist and the largest Chinese wedding store in Malaysia with expanding support from clients and business partner. We thank everyone for your support and being on this wonderful journey with us.


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