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Real Weddings l Kevin + Li Xian

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Love isn’t cancelled. I am to share a real wedding story which happened during this pandemic times. With this story, once again love portrays the greatest bond between two souls despite what we're facing.

Li Xian is a Malaysian girl and Kevin is from United States (US) shared their decision on holding a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony during his short stay in Malaysia. With the international travel restrictions + visa issues, both of them are uncertain of of when they’ll be able to meet again after this short gathering. So, they decided to first hold an intimate ceremony with family and close friends in Li Xian’s hometown. There are no frills or big celebrations - they do what they felt best for them for the health and safety of everyone and in accordance with the country’s guidelines available at that time.

On the big day, everyone in the family made it all possible by decorating the home and getting details done; they made everything with an extra special touch. As for the couple themselves; Li Xian decided to do her own makeup with Kevin to style her hair. They turned the situation into such a memorable and sweet moment.

Kevin styling Li Xian's hair.

As part of the traditional ceremony, the bride's mom assist the bride to wear the Qun Gua (a.k.a Kua/Kwa) (裙褂) and veil symbolising blessings to the newly wed.

Li Xian choses a traditional Huang Gua (黄褂) which is muted gold base with lightly goldwork embroidery and crystallised beading. As for Kevin, he choses a traditional Zhongshan suit (中山装).

The whole ceremony was intimate, simple and authentic. This unforeseen pandemic has, without a doubt has added a special chapter to each and every couple’s love story. Now, more than ever, couples realised that it's an upmost importance to slow down their pace and put their focus on love, family and friends including in favour of simply being themselves.

Photo credit @bearishungry


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