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A Decade of Celebration

LIANG YUAN celebrates its Tenth (10) Years Anniversary.

Our founder; Madam Wong, whom started the business from home which later moved in to our first physical store at Sunway Giza in year 2012. In year 2017, LIANG YUAN re-brand and have successfully expanded to be one of the largest Authentic Chinese Wedding store in Malaysia.

So, how we got our name LIANG YUAN?

On the naming of LIANG YUAN, here’s the story. As it happens, our founder intended to name the business; SĀN XǏ (三喜). Nevertheless; this name fails to get the majority wins amongst the family members. After round of debates; of course, we finally got LIÁNG YUÁN (良缘) which meant opportune connection and blessing to everyone.


First and foremost, THANK YOU for choosing LIANG YUAN and being our clients.

In these ten (10) years, we have been servicing clients from all walks of life, racialised ethnicities and countries. In spite of all these, they all came with one common interest which is to honour and include Chinese wedding tradition into their wedding ceremony.

Every couples have their very own beautiful love stories and we are honoured to witness the beginning of their marriage journey together. However, in celebrating our anniversary, we guess it’s never been better than to share our first wedding client; Sam + Sharon.

Back then, we just started our business at home. We were introduced to each other through our common friend. Sam + Sharon went broke out-of-the-box to wear the traditional Chinese wedding costumes on their wedding day when we rarely saw couples doing so it in those days. Yet, the results turned out to be absolutely fantastic!


It’s truly our privillege to have the opportunity to collaborate and work with different wedding industry partners.

We have met so many incredible people. Through all these experiences, we shared, learned and continue to grow at a higher level which marks of a true professionalism. May all our ventures continue to grow and prosper. And, we certainly look forward for more excited collaboration to come. Let’s stroll down the memory lane.


It has been an incredible ten (10) years. The achievements of the Company are the results of that combine efforts fo each and every individuals.

We thank you and appreciate the hardwork and talent that each and everyone of you portrayed and brought into the team. We truly appreciate each of your dedication and looking forward to celebrating more years to come. Thank you! 感谢你们!


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